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  • •User-Friendly Automated Job Description Writer

    - Create professional job descriptions in minutes using a simple interface
    - Use prewritten sections with minimal data entry
    - Choose various output styles such as MS Word or PDF
    - Easily edit and customize descriptions for your organization

  • •Access One of Our Pre-Built Libraries of Editable Job Descriptions

    - Find descriptions in specific job industries, including health care, education,
      government entities and more
    - Easily search for jobs by title or job group
    - Customize descriptions to suit your organization

  • •Keep Descriptions Up-To-Date

    - Electronically distribute automated questionnaires for new or updated jobs
    - Manage job description updates by scheduling electronic mailings of
      descriptions to employees or managers for review
    - Receive an email notification in Human Resources when a completed job
      description is ready for review

  • •Compliant with ADA, EEOC and OFCCP Guidelines

    - Formats are verified for adherence to applicable employment laws
    - Keep your organization in compliance and avoid legal pitfalls

  • •Let CBIZ Write Job Descriptions for You

    - Our team of professional job description writers will quickly and efficiently
      get all of your job descriptions up to date
    - Focus your limited HR resources on something other than job descriptions

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